Eensdenkend is revelling in minimalist ideas of repetition and slow development. Deep haunting ambient pieces are mostly leaving behind traditional musical structures making them with more simpler, sparser elements including ghostly phrasings and deep drones.
It's melodic without being obvious, droning yet with plenty of structure and minimal without being tuneless.
"Aeon" is a perfect late night ambience, sounds from a place somewhere between consciousness and sleep.
We suggest it a lot!



Eensdenkend is a hungarian one-man project with Adam Kalamar as its main force! It was originally conceived in 2009 under the name The Grey Field Project, creating ambient, post rock and noisy stuff. Name was changed after five releases. He comes to us with a album called "Aeon" which will be released tomorrow. It will surely give a great pleasure to all of you who are looking for a calm, cinematic and dreamy soundscapes, drone ambient and minimalism in its pure form.

Today we are releasing another great, definitely no-ordinary album. Sinister Elements is hailing from London, driven by the passion for the dark, ambient, experimental and many other styles. This EP is his first release and we are really pleased to have a chance to publish and promote it. Besides 5 tracks, there is also a bonus "Sinistheisia" which is literally the first track he made and represents the very night when Sinister Elements was conceived. To put it simple, this is a really strange and unique combination of musick styles that we haven't had the chance to hear earlier.
Check out "Dominion", you won't regret it!


After two albums released under the name Audiopoezie (collaboration with Dutch poet Petra Elsa Jekel), FNSounds comes with his first album called "Stranger Stranger". From the beginning of the album a listener is caught in intense, massive sounds and outstanding psychedelic soundscapes with dark and foreboding, cinematic layers.
You should definitely check out this brilliant and original work of art!
"FNSounds comes simply from this voice within saying: Do your thing, man, just do your thing!"  


With a great pleasure we are presenting you Freddy Nekker, man behind project called FNSounds! He's been a part of the underground scene for more than 30 years, and that fact is fucking amazing. Back in 1977 he was a member of Paradise Lost Organisation, the first punk band in a small Dutch town, Zutphen. After a long period of hibernation he started writing and performing poetry again, under his real name, solo and in collaboration with experimental and jazz musicians. We will release his first album as FNSounds called "Stranger Stranger"! (Dark) ambient, psychedelic sounds, heavy industrial soundscapes are coming soon.

Deadlights​/​Norman Sane - Life Under Fallout Conditions
This time we have an honor to bring you this masterpiece of electronic ambient music created by Deadlights and Norman Sane. This split album is called Life Under Fallout Conditions. You can hear a lot of awesome ambient electronic influences here, from J.M. Jarre to Vangelis and similar electronic music greats. As you can see this album is telling a story which can probably happen to human kind in near future. Explore how it would be to live under these conditions. This album has such great atmoshpere, once you start to listen you will just want to hear more.  What are you waiting for? Check this masterpiece out before missiles are launched!


New release from our friend Keith Whitham, man behind Deadlights, is out on SSR tomorrow! This time he joined forces with Norman Sane (participated in the Chaosphere Vol. 2) in making of a stunning split album. Both artists are coming with their own tracks. They are perfectly compatible and balanced which is of great importance for collaborations like this one.
Dark ambient with experimental and electronic elements that will surely give a pleasure to all fans of these genres.

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