Dichotomy Engine & Interzona

Hello there from SSR! Today we are releasing this two way split between Interzona and Dichotomy Engine. The credits for this cover art go to mastermind of Interzona Jean Souza, as you may know from our past release Interzona is project created by Jean Souza, after the discovery of previous explorations provided by the sounds of Suzana´s Bauten (band of which he is a founding member) throughout tireless recording sessions, and that somehow, as he himself affirms, it is a solid ideological corruption of the basic concepts used to make noise. Also Dichotomy Engine is know for our past releases led by Drazen Djordjevic DE creates music which has variously been described as dronegaze or noisegaze. Combining the atmospheric textures and elements of experimental and drone music often with the heaviness and volume of metal and noise music.
So this split is a mix of atmospheric droning noise, and does it really well. Interzona gives that heavy harsh sound and Dichotomy Engine flies with reverbs and distortions. Awesome split album, and check it out here!


SSR is specially proud to bring you this awesome band with even better album! Yes black particles first album called Wave Function Collapse is released on SSR and we are glad for this collaboration with these guys from Budapest. Well, Wave Function Collapse is five track album full of nuance and energy. Band is giving you 110% percent of their skills, creativity and talent in their first effort. This is an awesome ride and believe us, you will enjoy it. This mix of post metal, post rock, doom some noise and drone elements too will keep you listening until the end. So dont hesitate and check this awesome release! Download it now!
Also give your support to the band by checking their links!

Here is how black particles introduce you to their new album:
"Although an infinite number of possible futures are available every second, the conscious or unconscious choices we make destroy all but one. This is an always-present, repeating basis of human existence showing its innately destructive nature."

Tracks on album:
1. Solace I. [Disintegration]
2. Solace II. [Pasts]
3. Regrets
4. Quit | Relapse
5. In aether


black particles band
black particles

black particles logo
black particles logo

Also support the band by checking their links:

SSR Radio - podcast show

SSR Radio is our effort to spread music from our artists even better and further. This will be show in two formats, first format will be a show which will premiere as Facebook video Premiere on SSR Facebook page, and second format will be uploaded as audio on Mixcloud SSR page.
We think SSR has so many great releases and it is awesome time to share all those great tracks with you in podcast show like this!

Semper Aeternus - Glitch Sessions

This was long awaited album by Semper Aeternus! And man it is a treat! We are so proud to release Semper Aeternus third release called Glitch Sessions. This 3 track album is great example of experimental electronics, glitch, drone and noise mix.
Interzona - Machine Pain

Splitting Sounds Records is proud to revive our roster with Interzona's new album called Machine Pain. Truly amazing album by  noise (harsh, drone, ambient) project created by Jean Souza, after the discovery of previous explorations provided by the sounds of Suzana´s Bauten (band of which he is a founding member) throughout tireless
Dichotomy Engine - Sound of Deception
Dichotomy Engine - Sound of Deception
We are back again with new Dichotomy Engine release. It has been a while since Drazen released something and this is a new approach to his experimental drone sound. This time Dichotomy Engine takes this album onto darker and noisier path. It is evident sound has more raw and live feeling, but somehow

Check out new SSR release! Requisitio Sensus Aeternum - Прыжки По Лужам!  Requisitio Sensus Aeternum Eternal Search for Meaning. And is the project of Dmitry Shum a young musician from Vladimir (Владимир), Russia that span through the genres of Dark Ambient, Drone, Dark NeoClassic & Experimental Electronics. Project started in 2008 and has seen some cooperation with other Russian musicians. Its releases are all offered for free download on his myspace as well as sold on CD-R in Russia. Check out!


Today we bring you new release on SSR! This is our new artist ⁅sヨ! ⁅sヨ is Simón Miguelo ... an existence trapped in infinite sound labyrinths ... in the eternal search for the Insect God since 2011. An angry and alienated adolescent wrapped in an almost middle-aged body in decay, that vomits noise to a darker, cruel and perverse world every day.  Lxs No Humanxs is his choice to release here on SSR and we are so excited to bring this album to you. A perpetual crossroads of Harsh Noise and Hardcore. The primitive sounds of the Universe were not part of a beautiful melody, they were harsh, infinite, natural, raw, honest, innocent noises, like the cry of a newborn ... 

We are excited to bring you new release on SSR! VIDEO HEAD CLEANER is experimental noise drone project from Australia driven by Brad (who also makes noises behind HARKAN and Borejko). Detour to Bland is short but awesome release

We are back from the hiatus with new album by Semper Aeternus. This new album is called 1982. New ideas and more new sounds and songs! Main man behind this project is Nicolas Sanchez from Argentina. Since 15 years old played with many Argentinian progressive
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