thisisldm - ƎP A˩T. EP !

Splitting Sounds Records is coming strong in 2018 with new release! thisisldm with EP ƎP A˩T. and we are excited to give you this awesome industrial driven EP. A lots of beats with awesome noises and electronic experimental melodies and sounds. ƎP A˩T. is a promotional/teaser EP for an upcoming full album release. The tracks on the EP work together shifting from one another to form an overall 15-minute long track. An excellent work and we are looking forward for more releases by thisisldm! Industrial lo fi noise beat lovers check out this EP so hit that download link now!


 We love what Brad does, his concept of music making and experimentation. His every album is always different and that is what we like the most. Brad shows a lot of expertise in the field of production and mixing. This release is a compilation of three releases from 2016: Shattered, Malignancy / Antipathy and Atrophy / Degradation. We love it so check it out, maybe you will love it too!


SSR is here again with something new and exciting! We are proud to give you this new Saito Koji EP called 1708. So glad to feature another Saito's musical release and hope to give you more in the future. Saito is a musician currently living in Fukushima city. He played in several bands, then went solo in 2003 after being influenced by Otomo Yoshihide’s live performances, Derek Bailey’s CDs, and Kaoru Abe’s videos. Saito is engaged in the pursuit of an original kind of minimalism / improvisation. Which he shows in a wide array on this album. Saitos music is experimental, minimal  and improvised in a such profound way. This EP is awesome and we love it so hit that download button!


We at SSR are excited to bring you our new artist by Fahmi Mursyid. Fahmi is sound sculptor // visual expresionist. But as we can see on his website Fahmi is multi diverse artist who is not only making music, but also an photographer, graphic artist and more... We hope that you will enjoy this album as we are enjoying listening to it. Dont wait but hit that download link!


New release on SSR // AngelitoMacapagal - Think Happy Thoughts

We are presenting you our new artist AngelitoMacapagal from Quezon City, Philippines! His new release "Think Happy Thoughts" is an album about self-control. This awesome album is combination of small soundscapes of noise for your sanity but not really breaking into insanity. Noise walls that penetrate through walls.
Magnus by Harkan is released now!

We are very excited to give you this awesome conceptual album by our long time artist Harkan. This album is called Magnus and album concept story is loosely based on the rise and fall of a great king. Harkan is sound artist, manipulator of noise, experimentalist in ambience and after all Harkan makes damn good experimental music. He has a lot of influences such as Brian Eno, Severed Heads, Foetus, Lustmord... SSR is proud to have this kind of creative artist on our artist list.


It has been a long time we released any music but SSR is still here and alive! This time we proudly present you newest release from Saito Koji. This is awesome 3 track EP and we are so excited to give you his newest work! Check this music because it is great!


This time we give you new release by Sunshine Girl called Merry Termite Lung. Awesome album cover and very interesting tracks. Check this album out!

SSR brings you new release which is one track album from FAIL called  170119. Check it out!

Sunshine Girl - Laugh Death Miniscule
After some time SSR strikes again with new Sunshine Girl release! We are excited to give you this series of Sunshine girl musical works and this time you will have chance to listen this new album called Laugh Death Miniscule. If you already don't know, Sunshine Girl is project which has already released albums on SSR, so we have very close collaboration with Kyle Trujillo (main man behind this project). Kyle Trujillo assembles noise and live parts near Downtown Seattle. His work spans short film, prose/poetry, and music of several species. You can download this release below.


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