Today we bring you new release on SSR! This is our new artist ⁅sヨ! ⁅sヨ is Simón Miguelo ... an existence trapped in infinite sound labyrinths ... in the eternal search for the Insect God since 2011. An angry and alienated adolescent wrapped in an almost middle-aged body in decay, that vomits noise to a darker, cruel and perverse world every day.  Lxs No Humanxs is his choice to release here on SSR and we are so excited to bring this album to you. A perpetual crossroads of Harsh Noise and Hardcore. The primitive sounds of the Universe were not part of a beautiful melody, they were harsh, infinite, natural, raw, honest, innocent noises, like the cry of a newborn ... 

We are excited to bring you new release on SSR! VIDEO HEAD CLEANER is experimental noise drone project from Australia driven by Brad (who also makes noises behind HARKAN and Borejko). Detour to Bland is short but awesome release

We are back from the hiatus with new album by Semper Aeternus. This new album is called 1982. New ideas and more new sounds and songs! Main man behind this project is Nicolas Sanchez from Argentina. Since 15 years old played with many Argentinian progressive

This will be just a short message to inform all of our followers, listeners, fans and artists that Splitting Sounds Records is going on indefinite hiatus. It was a slow 2018. but there were some releases anyway. Hiatus is not ending for SSR. We are sure SSR will still exist. Thank you for supporting SSR and all of our wonderful artists and bands. Their music is the only thing that matters. 

50 years of sleep is ambient / acoustic / experimental music project of Boston resident Aidan Flaherty known to our listeners with his social decay project. But this time Aidan gives you five of awesome experimental ambient acoustic lo fi tracks to enjoy.
Requisitio Sensus Aeternum - Сахар

We break our brief  hiatus with new release called Сахар by Requisitio Sensus Aeternum. Requisitio Sensus Aeternum Eternal Search for Meaning. And is the project of Dmitry Shum a young musician from Vladimir (Владимир), Russia that span through the genres of Dark Ambient, Drone, Dark NeoClassic & Experimental Electronics.
Shifting Reality - Genetic Odyssey EP

This is our newest release on Splitting Sounds records. Shifting Reality is the side project of David Pusztai, hungarian molecular biologist. We give you his newest EP called „Genetic Odyssey”. We have waited a long time for this new EP and our wait was worth it! Please check this EP it consists of 4 awesome experimental ambient drone tracks we always love to hear. Give your support to Shifting Reality!


Again SSR is here to bring you new music. This time it is Late Night Session by God Cancer! For the first time we are proud to release an album on recycled cassette tapes! God Cancer is another project by Per Najbjerg Odderskov a man who already released an album on SSR under name Lidane Livering. For Per it started back in the late 90's with the idea to explore and create eerie atmospheric soundtracks. Mainly inspired by electronica artists like Aphex Twin, LFO, Orb but also industrial bands like Throbbing Gristle, Deutsch Nepal, Brighter Death Now and Scorn.. This album is combination of ethereal noises, dark ambient and drone sounds. Check it out and download it from SSR bandcamp page or order cassette tape!


Semper Aeternus album on SSR!

This month we are proud to release this awesome album by Semper Aeternus. This is the first time we cooperate with Semper Aeternus, and main man behind this project is Nicolas Sanchez from Argentina. Siince 15 years old played with many argentinian progressive rock bands like Moriquendi or stoner psichedelyc bands like Hombre Valvular. And in paralel was recording few demos... Recently had recorded and explored differents areas of sound and had performed in conceptual visual ambient jams called SEMPER SESSIONS. Actually release the "SEMPER AETERNUS" homonimus album, trying to resume all of this eternal search of sounds. This album is mix between electric and acoustic instruments, it has melodic influences and electronic keyboards and beats mixed shapes and ambient sounds, some nicely used samples which skilfully blend into particular songs. Check it out!


Nicolas Sanchez

thisisldm - ƎP A˩T. EP !

Splitting Sounds Records is coming strong in 2018 with new release! thisisldm with EP ƎP A˩T. and we are excited to give you this awesome industrial driven EP. A lots of beats with awesome noises and electronic experimental melodies and sounds. ƎP A˩T. is a promotional/teaser EP for an upcoming full album release. The tracks on the EP work together shifting from one another to form an overall 15-minute long track. An excellent work and we are looking forward for more releases by thisisldm! Industrial lo fi noise beat lovers check out this EP so hit that download link now!


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