Blank Vacuum & Francesco Terrini - DREAD

Today we bring you new record which is collaboration between artists Blank Vacuum and Francesco Terrini. This new effort is called DREAD. And you can imagine what is it about by its name. Anyway, this album is awesome collab work, which gives you 7 tracks of droning harsh noise delight. It is great stuff for all noise and drone lovers, and whole album is feeling like cover is showing it. You are sitting in a long and bleak corridor while strange sounds fill the air. Pretty dreadful. We are sure true noise fans will find DREAD awesome experience. So do not hesitate and check this one out!



ꋫŦ✞ꍟ₦¢i͓̽¤ຖ W̶♄☯尺E̾ - dying / deceased

This album has been an awesome and epic journey of ꋫŦ✞ꍟ₦¢i͓̽¤ຖ W̶♄☯尺E̾ and we are so excited to release this gigantic double album to the public. We have never until now, witnessed this kind of project but "Attencion Whore" has done it! With main goal of combining all possible genres of music and (in) one composition. So this album is 13 hours long.


Mila Drone - Invisible Cloud

SSR is very proud to bring you this excellent release from our new artist Mila Drone! "Invisible Cloud" album is in essence what we strive for when we are looking for new drone / ambient / experimental music. Mila is has done amazing job to create new stuff and we are sure you will enjoy this album. Mila is the ghost of a housewife from Warsaw, Poland, who has recently recorded several songs in the drone / gaze / minimal style. Mila likes smoking on the balcony, playing ghost songs and watching short YouTube videos like "5 Terrifying Waves Caught on Tape" or "10 Biggest Waves Ever Recorded". Arranges and records when children go to bed. She likes fuzzes, delays, phasers and other quirks. Sleepwalking. So dont hesitate and check out this new SSR release from Mila Drone!


Mila Drone
Mila Drone


Additional credits:

Artwork: Among Scratches

Nøkturne - El silencio de los angeles

Today we have a new EP for you! Newest recording by our artist Nøkturne and EP is called "El silencio de los angeles". It contains 3 dark ambient melodic tracks that you will enjoy for sure. Truly emotional and dark tracks will fit your nightly cravings for ambient music. As the artist says: "Tracks on this EP have been recorded on a totally rainy day. They reflect a little my beliefs about some religious beings. I wanted to create a slightly soft and melancholic atmosphere, where I could feel calm listening to it and at the same time enjoy the melodies." So what are you waiting for? If you are dark ambient lover, check out our bandcamp page or click the link below and download your copy of this EP! 


Francesco Terrini - Double Diamond Sun Body

We continue with our pactice to release exciting new albums! SSR brings you Francesco Terrini for the first time with his album called "Double Diamond Sun Body". This album is great mix of experimental / ambient and noise genres, always changing and making listening to it a special journey through emotions and moods. Francesco Terrini is the solo experimental music moniker of Chester Masangya from Metro Manila, Philippines. He is also associated with industrial/power-electronics acts Coalminer and Recovery Center. Francesco Terrini spawned October 2019 and released its first three materials called Septic Perfume, Corroding Heaven, and Collapse World Animal. Since then, he collaborated and made splits with several noise artists and released several full-length materials digitally, and on cassette and cd. Do not wait and check out this awesome first time release from Francesco Terrini. You can get it now!

Official description of the album: "Double Diamond Sun Body is the Krystal Star matrix from the Seven Higher Heavens, the next Universe. Mother and Father have returned their Diamond Sun Oraphim to this Universe, through their Heavenly House, with the return of the liquid Christos light upon this Earth."


Francesco Terrini bandcamp:

Nøkturne - Memories from the Past

SSR crew is happy to release new album by Nøkturne! This release is called "Memories from the Past" and we love it! Nøkturne has done a great job making this very dark and ambient piece. Be assured that this is one on SSR best ambient releases in past years. Nøkturne is ambient, dark ambient and noise project from Argentina and main man behind is Juan Ruiz. He started  Nøkturne in 2018. He made some music then but havent released anything until the end of 2019. All his music is based upon nature, loneliness, sadness and family. 

"The album was called "Memories from the Past" due to certain moments that have passed through my life. This album is only dedicated to the memory of my father, who passed away a month ago." - says Juan. 

And we from SSR are recommending this amazing dark ambient piece, so check out the link below, get it for free and enjoy "Memories from the Past" now!


Малък Ручей - Ручей Малък

We are happy to introduce you new project on our label called "Малък Ручей"! They are from Bulgaria, and debuting on SSR with their album called "Ручей Малък". This experimental band exists from 2017, and presents the spill of digital Bulgarian adolescence. Through a set of transgressive methods, the project deforms the inheritance of the national with an ironic smile to find soil for itself.

Another awesome release is coming your way! New split album between Interzona (industrial \ harsh) from Brazil and LDQ Ysimaro (live electronics) from Greece. Split cointains two epic compositions which are long with very interesting theme of afterlife and post life journey.

We are excited to release this new two track for  Dichotomy Engine.  It was intended to be a split, but somehow it ended to be a self split two track album or EP. Anyway check this interesting lofi experimental noise drone release by Dichotomy Engine. Its not so easy to listen but we are sure that harsh noise lovers will dig it.
Interzona - Estranho Inseto

We bring you new Interzona release "Estranho Inseto". If you have not heard about Interzona or listened any of albums released previously on SSR, we must say that this is noise (harsh, drone, ambient) project created by Jean Souza. Jean made sound explorations and experimentations provided by the sounds of Suzana´s Bauten, throughout tireless recording sessions, and that somehow, it is a solid ideological corruption of the basic concepts used to make noise. As all the other previous releases by Interzona, this one is also based on harsh noise, power electronics and experimental music. Interesting theme of "Estranho Inseto" can make you curious but the tracks will crush your ears and will to live! Check it now!


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