If you want to contact Splitting Sounds Records or send your music to:

Things to know before sending us your music for releasing:

Splitting Sounds Records is small independent record net-label releasing underground electronic, experimental, ambient, drone, shoegaze, noise and other unusual music to the public. Our goal is to promote interesting underground projects/artists. SSR promotes artists like you and we use Creative Commons licenses. So no one can use or alternate your material, but can freely share releases without fear of litigation. We dont sell albums, cause we are non profit label. Only thing that matters is music and promotion of our artists. 

These are things to do if you want us to publish your album.

  1. You need to choose your album which you want to publish and upload it somewhere (some free host,cloud) as a zip file (it would be great if songs are in .wav or flac format). So we can download it and upload to our bc page. Also send us cover photo of the album (size min 1700x1700px).
  2. Send us some history info about your project and album, which musical genres you cover (list 3 genres) and main website link
  3. Send us one photo which best represents your project / band (size min 1700x1700px).

Then you can send this to our email address:

We are eager to receive your submissions!