If you want to contact Splitting Sounds Records
or send your demos send mail to:




The label will answer only if your demo recordings appear interesting. And vice versa it means that your work has no chances to be released on the label if you sent a demo and has no response for a long time.

Send your demo-recordings encoded by any mp3 encoder with a proper bitrate (192kbps - 320kbps or VBR V0/V1/V2). Later you will be asked for tracks encoded in WAV or in other lossless formats if label decides to release your materials.

Please send us links to your demo-recordings zipped and uploaded on free filehosting services. Links to your recordings placed in social networks (, etc) are suitable too.
When sending your demos, please don't forget to provide your contact info. A project title, bio and e-mail are enough.

Send links to uploaded demos via email.