Small Interventions EP
Small Interventions is post-rock electro-acoustic ambient project by Stephen Antonoplis. This self titled EP released through SSR is interesting mix of electronic and acoustic instruments. As you can see all of the songs are Untitled but have alternate names. Nice concept by Small Interventions for naming songs. From the first song till last you can hear this "movie soundtrack" feel. Specially if you are travelling and listening this EP. It feels like dreamy, slow motion scenes moving through fields, by the sea, or distant city skyline.,. It is a shame there are only four tracks.


Newgrange and Blakkr Nio, doppler effect ep
We think it is the right time to give you this amazing EP by Newgrange and Blakkr Nio. This is a collaboration EP and it will surely be interesting for you to listen to. The Doppler Effect is a four track sound art EP, that discusses the notion that abandoned urban space can be used to make music.
Many of the noises and sounds were recorded in industrial spaces.
Some of the material used for percussion were sheet metal and oil drums. It makes reference to the Situationist Movement in France. Check it out now!


We are presenting you our new friend and artist - R'lyeh! Michelle Eris is leading Old One behind this amazing project coming from Santa Cruz.
R'lyeh began in 2011 to synthesize the sounds and sonic chaos described in the works of the Cosmic Horror author H.P. Lovecraft and others - creating compositions from variety of perspectives in a spectrum from ambient to harsh, minimal to chaotic. First in a row of R'lyeh's releases will be "...only poetry or madness could do justice to the noises..."!
This is a must not only for Cthulhu Mythos fanatics but all fans of great ambient noise horror. Pure fucking INFERNO!


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