Red Clouds - The Last Ancient Echo Fades Away
First Red Clouds release for SSR is out! Like we said, this 6 track album will be a real pleasure for the fans of the dark side of art. Unlike the other albums, this one is most intense, disturbing voyage through the time and space, minds and bodies. Drone ambient like it should be! Powerful, noisy, at some moments unpleasant.
Be sure that Red Clouds will take you on a very interesting trip.
Check it out and listen loud.


Red Clouds
It is right time to announce new artist on SSR. The name is Red Clouds and this project can be described as dark alien space drone ambient. The ongoing journey through dark alien worlds, hostile planets strange beings lurking in shadowy atmospheres, tales of sorrow and loss deep listening and meditation ... More is yet to come, and believe me this oncoming release will be a special one for those who love drone ambient music. Until then check out Red Clouds website.

Red Clouds website:
LOZK - Irrational
Today Splitting Sounds Records releases Lozk's album Irrational. This electronic album mixes different genres such as electronica, experimental, industrial, big beat, ambient, and drum n' bass. It has also elements and techniques used in concrete and electro-acoustic music.

The songs Twilight Run, Aquarium, and Requiem Machina were made exclusively with only one instrument each (a vertical piano, a Spanish classical guitar, and the human voice respectively). Every sound in these songs came originally from those instruments. Those sounds were processed and modified to suit the requirements of the song.

The few lyrics in Irrational were inspired by Tristan Tzara's How to Make a Dadaist Poem, it is, basically, to cut out different words from a magazine or a newspaper, put them in a bag and then pick up random words from that bag. The lyrics were done with the same technique, except it was done with single syllables instead, so the lyrics have no meaning at all.


LOZK - SSR artist
Lozk is an ambitious audiovisual project by Leonardo Suárez Jiménez (music and visuals) and Warpsichord (visuals and photography). Leonardo is a Colombian musician, producer and artist. The use of samples is very important for Lozk's compositions. Leonardo records his own samples from daily and quotidian objectssounds from the street, animals, and musical instruments which allow Lozk to create his particular music style. Lozk won the John Leckie Award for the Innovation in Audio Production 2012.

Check out Lozk's website:

Cartagine - I by Splitting Sounds Records
Are you ready for some heavy drone doom music? Better be ready because Cartagine is bringing some heavy shit! I is our first release by Cartagine - awesome ambient drone doom project by A.G. which treads the same path as bands like Sunn O))) and the old Neptune Tower. Cartagine is destruction, annihilation, shattered civilization... Album is drenched in it's heavy and hypnotic atmospheres that are able to go beyond the total darkness.


Cartagine on SSR
Cartagine is our newest artist! Soon you will be able to hear his latest release which Splitting Sounds Records will proudly present to you. Cartagine is formed in 2013. Its sole member A.G. plays a mix of minimal, drone, doom with ambient, black metal influences and the opera references also make sense of profound decadence. Its music is drenched in it's heavy and hypnotic atmospheres that are able to go beyond the total darkness.

Check out Cartagine's website:
Retro Grad
Today SSR is releasing self titled album by Retro Grad. We announced Retro Grad as our new artist few days before. This release is one of our finest because it treads this fine line between classical and electronic ambient music. Srdjan Marinkovic as main man behind this project made this album easy to listen with awesome harmonies and nice ambient backgrounds.  In some points we can easily call this project Serbian version of Vangelis Papathanassiou. Give this release a warm welcome and check it out!


Srdjan Marinkovic aka Retro Grad
As we promised, more artists and releases are coming! Welcome Srdjan Marinkovic a.k.a. Retro Grad! Composer from Serbia who creates music mixing several genres: ambient, electronic and classical music. This mixture can remind you of some Vangelis and similar works. One of his songs appears on promo video for the Visa website by M. Sugrue. Also Retro Grad was also featured on the cosmoPOPlitan vol. 2 compilation.

Check out Retro Grad's websites here:
Benjamin Construct - Anamorphic Reality
This is Splitting Sounds Records 31st release and we are proud to present you Benjamin Construct! This release is bringing awesome electronic and ambient songs on the table. Perfect album when you are in the mood for close listening. Anamorphic Reality has a certain sound which can remind you slightly of some Brian Eno works. Every track has its profound touch, which lures you to listen it again and again. Check it out and support this awesome artist.


Benjamin Construct
Please welcome our new Splitting Sounds Records artist - Benjamin Construct! Benjamin Construct is Italian native now living in Canada is better known for his experimental electronic sounds and deeper moodscapes. Stepping into the first year of release Benjamin Construct aka Joey Guarascio has strung along a series of audio recordings from processed field recordings to experimental sound design and expression.
“Sometimes dismal but sedating, these pieces represent the spaces between the organic and non-organic world we live in.”

Check out Benjamin Construct websites:
Shava Sadhana  album - Burning Hell - Into The Furnace Again
SSR has just released a masterpiece of occult and psychedelic music for worship. This album contains seven tracks of brutal experimental electronica, that are exclusively ritualistic, worshipping both Kali Ma with secret mantras and the Germanic Wotan/Odin. Different occult tenets, especially those of Aleister Crowley, are also woven into this work.
The unholy power of Shava Sadhana's music is unleashed.

Check this album out! It will take you on a very dark journey. 


Shava Sadhaba
 Swami Shri Shri Kalidasha, the creator of the project Shava Sadhana, travelled to Calcutta many times on his numerous journeys to India. Calcutta, the centre of the Kali-cult, has fascinated him since childhood and he regards himself a servant of Mother Kali Ma. He also traveled to Iceland several times and while studying Icelandic and Scandinavian culture he developed an intimate bond to the old nordic Gods. Shava Sadhana is exclusively ritualistic, worshipping both Kali Ma with secret mantras and the Germanic Wotan/Odin. 
SSR will release his album "Burning Hell - Into The Furnace Again".

Check Shava Sadhana on the net:

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