UNUNE - The Return Through Shadows To Darkness & Bone
This is new album on SSR by < UNUNE > and is called "+S.K.U.M+ The Return Through Shadows To Darkness & Bone".  Man behind this awesome project is Stephen Rook. < UNUNE > flows between dark media drone,  post industrial and experimental music. Album contains 2 longer tracks plus bonus track. The tracks have been mixed, edited & effected into the two sections Book One and Book Two. The 'Bonus track' was chosen specifically,as it had been a performance in 2013,that the club owner had actually called the police to stop,as the owner had become 'wary' of my literal stance .. almost arrested,but as there is nothing 'harmful' within the lyrics,it was merely down to the apathetic stupidity of a club owner, not being able to understand, a very esoteric & eclectic lyrical style.


Unune - Stephen Rook new artist on SSR
< UNUNE > Is Stephen Rook,active within musick since the late 1970's. The < UNUNE > project came to be,early 2011,as a standpoint,that the Industrial music 'scene' & all it's sub genres,had become warped,ill befitting & in most cases - pointless. The word 'unune' - whilst having various levels of meaning,was initial chosen,as the 'English dictionary' states it as a little known derivative of the word 'un tune' , although in this case,referring to 'being incapable of causing harmonious effect'. This in itself is a term I would consider ridiculous,as there is harmony & balance in all things,if one is prepared to look deep.

Check out < UNUNE > website: https://www.facebook.com/stephensurreal
Poble - Amanecer EP
This is our new release - Amanecer EP by Poble! As you read earlier Poble is a project from Germany and this one relies on shoegaze scene from earlier times. I must say that there are moments where you can easliy think it was made in 90s. But the whole picture is much different because beside multi layered guitars it has much nice electronic stuff. All the vocals make this release interesting because they are sang in Spanish. Really original and i have never listened German project with Spanish singing :) and this is what makes Poble different. I love it!


Poble is new Splitting Sounds Records artist
Poble is a home-producer from Cologne, Germany. While the range of influences is wide (and there´s almost no boundaries), in the resulting album it´s hard to deny the passion for the '90s shoegazing scene. The tracks mostly show some fuzzy, noisy, sometimes amorphous guitar layers, blended with airy, polyphonic vocals. Some tracks, on the other hand, make use of irregular electronic beat patterns. Female vocals are performed in spanish language.

Check out Poble website:
Benjamin Construct - Benjamin Construct
This is second release on SSR for Benjamin Construct! We loved the previous album it was so easy to put this one out too! Exit to Air is an awesome ambient record. Joey Guarascio, main man behind this project makes a great mix with natural sounds and music he makes with ambient soundscapes and droning sounds. The quality in the sound of the records is amazing. It is obvious how many hours and love for music was put into Exit to Air. Most of Benjamin Construct work reminds me of Eno and similar stuff but anyway, support this awesome artist and his amazing work. Check this release out!


Confessions EP by Toketome
"Confessions" EP are 7 tracks exploration within electronic music. Fluid atmosphere is filled with consistent morphing and danceable beats amongst the entire piece. Combining experimental and raw/dope with melodic sounds and appealing drops are making this release truly unique.
Give support to our new artist, it will mean a lot to him!


Toketome New SSR artist
Our new artist is young and very talented musician coming from Washington, DC. His goal is to break boundaries within electronic music scene today. Evolving experimental/hip-hop grimy bass lines with a light weight melodic and industrial twist is his recipe. He performed at multiple basement raves and in a lot of club/venues. Tomorrow we will release his EP "Confessions" that will be great preview for his full length album.
Check out his link:
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