New artist on SSR - UNUNE

Unune - Stephen Rook new artist on SSR
< UNUNE > Is Stephen Rook,active within musick since the late 1970's. The < UNUNE > project came to be,early 2011,as a standpoint,that the Industrial music 'scene' & all it's sub genres,had become warped,ill befitting & in most cases - pointless. The word 'unune' - whilst having various levels of meaning,was initial chosen,as the 'English dictionary' states it as a little known derivative of the word 'un tune' , although in this case,referring to 'being incapable of causing harmonious effect'. This in itself is a term I would consider ridiculous,as there is harmony & balance in all things,if one is prepared to look deep.

Check out < UNUNE > website:
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