Chaosphere Vol. 2 - Sleepwalk To Murder (murder No 1)

Chaosphere Vol. 2 - Sleepwalk To Murder (murder No 1)postrock noise drone ambient experimental
Murder No 1, first chapter of compilation entitled "Sleepwalk To Murder" is OUT! Album comprises 17 great tracks (with SPECIAL bonus, more info on that will be posted) all deviating from the usual and ordinary. Beside the various musical genres and styles this collection is very well balanced, done with almost acute attention to details. Dark and twisted ambience, deep evocative and dreamlike soundscapes, long and beatless pieces, hostile and oppressive electronica, haunting and harsh spoken word, instrumentals with trembling undulations.
We are sure that this will be a perfect setting for you to indulge in this undeniable stunning album.


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