Our new artist - Love Letter

Splitting Sounds Records new artist Love Letter
Time has come to present you our new artist! Love Letter is a breath, taken in, and out. A series of ink and spilled thoughts that have collected in the shoes of all those orphaned by noise. There are no islands in the Suburbs, only dead end bending cul de sacs and hundreds of empty pools. No one is here now. They never were. They never will be. There is only you. There is only me. And you are where you are and I am here doing what I do, but that, my dear, is a lot. Love Letter is post rock, lo-fi, drone made with strings, turned pages, ruffled cables, do wop callings, micro-cassette failings, turned upside down typing, wet feet & gentle dreams.

Check it out here : thebandloveletter.bandcamp.com

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