Ben Rath - Solace EP
Feel free to listen our newest release Solace EP by Ben Rath! Solace is Ben's second EP, following his debut release 'In Plain Sight'. Written and recorded in Spring 2014, the five tracks here are dense and multi-layered compositions, with interlacing melodies and phrases that flow into each other and gradually build in momentum and depth. So don't waste time and download this great EP from Splitting Sounds Records bandcamp page!


New artist on SSR - Ben Rath
Ben Rath is a guitarist and musician based in Nottingham, UK. Recording from his home, he draws on influences from experimental,
drone, ambient and abstract composition, taking the interesting textures and sounds from these genres and using them to craft pieces that maintain a strong emotional resonance at their core. Layered and intricate, his compositions meld inter-weaving tones and melodies from a variety of different sound sources to create instrumentals with plenty of sonic depth and dynamism, revealing something new after each listen.

Ben Rath's website:
At the End of the Day is a solo bedroom project of a French composer started in 2012. The album contains 4 tracks of ambient post-rock with a great touch of atmospheric music. His music is designed to create an environment that brings the listener into his own ethereal thoughts. From the very start these tracks will take you on a journey filled with superb cinematic, dark ambient, amazing intense energy guitars, great vibes and textures. Astonishing atmosphere and sounds full of passion definitely shouldn't be missed.


First live presentation of our label will happen on this saturday, in Ruma, Serbia! It will be a first in a row of events that we are planing to create. Considering the fact that we are small (but growing strong) and independent label, we will use all the possible tools at the moment to promote art of the people that we are working with. The spice on the whole evening is going to be pure darkness on the stage with DREDDUP, DICHOTOMY ENGINE and SPLEEN.           
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