Japorn - Yakusoku ep
Maybe its to early to release another album, but its not early to spread out JAPORN's EP called やくそく  (Yakusoku) or Promise. And we made a promise that this JAPORN EP will be out today! This EP is electronic experimental music with some ambient influences. The main highlight on this EP are emotions which are presented through profound and weird voices of Japanese culture. Very interesting release for SSR and very enjoyable EP for listening.


LLOM Worship ep
LLOM's first release "Worship" is out. There are four tracks on this EP. Every one is a story for itself, but they all have one intention, to tear you up to pieces. Dark noise with demonic vocal, industrial, experimental and doom sounds are procreating  a brutal attack on your ears and minds. This is a must for all fans of unhinged noise without mercy.


LLOM is an experimental drone project from the cold north of England. Mostly a 2 man crew spewing their infected noise in to the air waves. He is also manipulating with grime, sludge and doom sound. We will release his first EP called "Worship".
Unhinged is the word that is describing the LLOM's work best.

Here are the links to LLOM's music on the net:
It is time to announce newest artist on SSR roster - Japorn! So I asked why use Japorn as a name? The answer is simple, it is representative name for what I always liked: Japanese culture. People usually see Japan as a freaky country, full of weird people. One of those freak things you can see there are pornography, erotic stuff, host clubs, etc. Japorn music is based on feelings - pervert, emotional, sad and happy aspects.
Soon SSR will release interesting Japorn - やくそく EP (Yakusoku EP).

Check out Japorn webpage:
Steve Spinella - Twelve Day Interval
As you can see, our small label is slowly growing and that is awesome. More awesome is that we are getting in contact with such good music and Steve Spinella is best proof. So today we release his "Twelve Day Interval" an album inspired by psychedelic sounds of the 70s with touch of ambient and avantgarde genres. Steve made this recording so transcendental and filled with emotions you will immerse yourself and travel to another place. Check this masterpiece now!


Steve Spinella
We are proud to announce newest member of SSR family - Steve Spinella! This is why we love to support artists and good music. Soon you can expect an album called "Twelve Day Interval" and believe me this album is a masterpiece of ambient and psychedelic music. We haven't heard this kind of awesome music long time ago. You can even hear some 70s influenced guitars which reminds me of a cult band Comus...

Check out Steve Spinella's links:
Unearth Noise - Sacred Excavations
15 pieces of soul searching mind-bending shamanic psychedelia by Unearth Noise, mastered to perfection by bitzone.The project combines elements of experimentalism, psychedelia, world sounds, and ritual music into a potent and entrancing psycho-spiritual brew of otherworldly soundscapes.

Unearth Noise
"Music projects a living image into your existence, it is an expression of something beyond our own comprehension, seemingly existing as part of the moment only as color and feeling – something that Unearth Noise has been able to achieve with every single track that I've listened to. The name itself can allow you to vaguely imagine what you are about to fall under the spell of."

Check out Unearth Noise's website:
Chaosphere Vol.1 compilation
This is the first Chaosphere V/A compilation released for Splitting Sounds Records. It is a tribute to the underground spirit, music, philosophy and a way of life.
It consists of the songs of the artists from all over the world which are keeping the DIY alive. Downloading this compilation you are giving a huge support to this people and their works presented here.


Unexpected Musings by Harkan
An unexpected release from SSR! Well this kind of release is for sure unexpected because Harkan makes experimental music with superb ambient sound. All of the tracks from Unexpected Musings have their own flavor, which will not give you a chance to rest and get bored. We like this kind of albums. Really a gem if you are into this kind of music. And if you are not check it anyway.


After recent release and re-activating SSR many our friends artists have become interested to release some of their music through our net-label. One of the first to contact us is Harkan from Australia. Harkan is sound artist, manipulator of noise, experimentalist in ambience and after all Harkan makes damn good experimental music. He has a lot of influences such as Brian Eno, Severed Heads, Foetus, Lustmord... SSR is proud to have this kind of creative artist on our artist list.

Check out Harkan's website:
Nihil ex Nihilo - mother beth vs blondie

This is newest SSR release - Nihil ex Nihilo by mother beht vs blondie. I know there are a bunch of you drone and noise maniacs who will love this album. It is all you love - dark and haunting, hard and ambient. That is why we wanted to release this awesome stuff. It is influenced by lot of stuff and Boyd Rice and Einsturzende Neubauten made this kind of music in the 80's. So it cant be bad. Enjoy this beautiful horror.


Predrag Karanjac - mother beth vs blondie
Hey there, after a long hiatus with SSR releases we are proud to present you our new artist on the label. mother beth vs blondie is experimental solo project by Predrag Karanjac (ex zeta reticulan oath) from Zrenjanin, Serbia. So mother beth vs blondie is releasing its first album through our label and believe me this stuff is awesome. Very horror like stuff with some weird experimental music done in the 80's.

Check out mother beth vs blondie website:
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