Xmas special release! Lance Eads - Cosmic ☧​~​Mass!

Xmas special release! Lance Eads - Cosmic ☧​~​Mass!
This is special Xmas release from SSR! Cosmic ☧~Mass is a musical re-telling of the Christmas story by Lance Eads using experimental music techniques such as drone, Musique Concrète, and glissando guitar. These aren't the kind of Christmas songs people will sit around singing while roasting chestnuts, but perhaps they may move you to experience the mystery of Christmas at some other, deeper level.
The Cosmic ☧~Mass is broken into five tracks: Prophecy, Annunciation (the announcement of the Christ child's birth to Mary by the angel Gabriel), Birth, Shepherds, and Magi (wise men). Peace on earth, goodwill to all (Luke 2:14)! Enjoy this album!


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  1. Merry ☧​~​Mass to all & to all a free album!