Our new release by Solomnium - "Der Wunsch"

Der Wunsch by SolomniumWe bring you another new release, first in april 2015. "Der Wunsch" by Solomnium. Solomnium is an avant-garde/ambient project by Jacek Fuchs, a Polish artist born in 1985 in Wrocław, a musician (i.a. Kostki srebrny krzyż na lewej ręce, Pomerančový Džus, Kolapstwa), an author of independent films (i.a. "Gdzie Ona jest?"), books (i.a. "Świat, którego nie znasz") and music videos (among others: Paris Violence). "Der Wunsch" (German for "the wish") is Solomnium's first album. "Sol" is Latin for "Sun", "Omnium": "of all/belonging to all"... - the rest is up to the listener.


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