Plamen Večnosti - The Horripilation
Plamen Večnosti (The Flame Of Eternity) is the natural result of the evolution of the old musical project Plamen Večne Zime (The Flame Of Eternal Winter), one of the several expressions of the art of Sifr Shraddha from Serbia. Each song on this new The Horripilation album
Olson Format - Half Heard Stories About Static
Splitting Sounds Rec brings you a new and awesome release by our artist Olson Format. Olson Format uses conventional and unconventional instruments, he is originally from Wales in the UK, but now lives in Japan. "Half Heard Stories About Static" consists of shortwave radio frequencies generated and used as data, which then supplied various geographical stations.

Shava Sadhana - The Impaler Of God
SSR is releasing new Shava Sadhana album - The Impaler Of God! This is occult, black and psychedelic worship music album contains tracks of brutal experimental electronics. Shava is always exclusively ritualistic, worshipping music but this one is the most blasphemous album he ever made so far. We at SSR have this rare pleasure to give you this blasphemy.
Icy Petiole - Emptiness of Infinite Space and Time
Hello everyone, our new album is here! Icy petiole is an experimental DIY solo music project run by writer Boris Kvaternik, aka Mrazomor. The idea behind Icy Petiole is to create sound mosaics that will evoke sense of anguish, being lost, fright, claustrophobia, melancholy and feelings of existential terror in the listener. The main idea behind this album is to record interesting ambient sounds and then to distort, damage, twist overlay and reverse them until they are destroyed beyond recognition. Check out our 103rd release and if you are a drone ambient music admirer you will love this release!


Satanatum - Deaf Blind and SilentWe are presenting you today new EP from Satanatum - Deaf Blind and Silent! Satanatum is a post-black metal / post-punk / lo-fi electro project from Kraków, Poland. Founded in early 2014 as one-man session project. At the moment there are two members and Satanatum has new posibilities to play live sets. Members of Satanatum appears also on multiple musical projects with wide
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