New album on SSR is InVator - Inventor!
Album called Inventor by our new artist InVator is our new release on SSR!  After seven years as the front man of a rock band, Edd Tanner decided to carry on alone. On attempting to record some old songs and experimenting with various sounds and effects, he found making soundscapes much more rewarding than song writing. His and ours favorite tracks are those simplest, yet they work so well.
DIRTY VACUUM TUBES - Join New SSR compilation!
We are now accepting single tracks for our net compilation DIRTY VACUUM TUBES on SSR. We are primarly accepting electronic, experimental, ambient, drone, shoegaze, noise and other unusual music.
Mai - Event Horizon!
We are happy to bring you new music , new album Mai - Event Horizon!  Mai is musical project by Pascal Desjardins .Mai songs are the reflection of him, his life and all experiences. People can hear expressions with words and a view of the music and sounds around.
NEW RELEASE // Kieran Mahon - Scanning​.​.​.
It is right time for new SSR release! This is album by Kieran Mahon called "Scanning​.​.​.". Kieran has always been interested in radio. Scanning shortwave frequencies is his peculiarly obsessive pastime. Radio static and guitar feedback have a lot in common sonically. He could easily hear the Velvet Underground within a wall of detuned radio noise - and vice versa.
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