This is our newest release and first one for Giant Gutter From Outer Space. The project entitled Giant Gutter From Outer Space came to light by mid 2014 from the affinity of two independent musicians and long-standing friends driven to the execution of heavy, rough, experimental and, as far as possible, unrestrained music. Bass player by talent, Hernan Borges de Oliveira has his projects, alongside the profession of accountant, pivoted on extreme music. Johnny R. Rosa, drummer, parallel to the métier of historian and to the particular attention given to avant-garde, free improvisational music, is also accomplice of projects that concern rough music. The result of such eschatological partnership, inclined to avoid labels that stifle the creative output, has been put into action with the recently recorded EP entitled “Set Adrift”, which is compounded by 5 instrumental songs harshly executed as a duo (bass and drums).  Check it out!


Giant Gutter From Outer Space

Recorded and mastered by maiko t. araújo at avant garde studio, curitiba, brazil.
mixed by maiko t. araújo and giant gutter from outer space.
all music composed, performed and produced by giant gutter from outer space.
writings, except music iv, by johnny roberto rosa.
“there’s no lack of void” – samuel beckett.
cover photo by johnny roberto rosa.
design, artwork, and giant gutter’s photo by cesinha marin.

set adrift

at the height of this endless slumber,
a bloodstained concealed mistake subdued by the
grotesque fractures the unconsciousness of deniel.
[set adrift]

aimlessly and without hope,
the ensign of the future darkened
prospects until its utmost extensive outlook.

wheels of nightmares and vertigos,
frightening the perennial.

“there’s no lack of void”
[in spite of all]

tender in their roaring,
the voices absorbed don’t help to fill up
spaces of this everlasting nocturnal defilement.

identity must be convulsive, or it will not be. max ernst    
SSR proudly presents self titled album by S K U L L!
Again SSR is here to bring you new music. This time it is self titled album by S K U L L! S K U LL is musical project by Artur from Poland. Artur I producer in music from 2009. with and his music is art, because he is composing like he is painting.  This album brings you abstract music. Electronics with elements of techno, deep house and instrumental hip hop. Every song on this album is prominent and has its own ambiance and feeling. S K U L L is a true gem in our roster so feel free and check this awesome album out! Enojy!


We at SSR are happy to release this special Valentines release! Willowed Wit is a one-man ambient/drone project from Los Angeles, California. Although his music is entirely synthetic, his soundscapes are deceptively natural. This is Willowed Wit's second album. The sounds heard reflect Willowed Wit's "light drone" style, but the range of said sounds greatly fluctuates, from deep and dark on "The man of War", to soft as a pillow on "The Snow Drums". Willowed Wit believes this album to be a concept piece about a man with an "aching heart" and "unconsolable soul". Some even say the knocks in the background symbolize a pulse.


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