Today we give you Filament - uFluorine!

Filament - uFluorine
We are excited to put out our newest release, it is called uFluorine by Filament. Filament is brainchild made by musician Miles Davies. Miles has been experimenting with all sorts of modular systems, hardware and software. He has built up an extensive collection of sample material over the years from various sources which include Nord Modular G2, Kyma, Max Msp, Reaktor and Eurorack.  Filament is creating its music by breaking into hardware analogue circuits and short circuiting them to create astounding degraded noise material. This awesome sounds you can hear throughout this release. Most of all sounds is created by Boss RPS-10 and Hexinverter Mutant Machine which Miles loves to use most of all. It produces beautiful granular textures when you find the right hack.  All of sounds are just experimental creations at its best. It is creative and it is fun. Check this album out!


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