New album on SSR // Escamentia - Parade of Angels

We are presenting you our newest artist / project called Escamentia, covering electronic, ambient, and experimental genres of music. Escamentia is based off of a similar project called "Port Blue" by Adam Young, while still bringing in its own twists. Escamentia started in late 2015, and released first works for it under an EP entitled "Seagull's Ballroom". Parade of Angels is first album by Escamentia, the goal of this project is to be dreamy yet mystifying. Each song tells a story that you can fully immerse yourself in yet never fully understand. This album was meant to be a bit heavier than Seagull's Ballroom but still hold the same goal. Each track has its own meaning, which is the listener's to choose. Whatever it means, it is something you find truly amazing and leaves you awestruck!



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