The Cavitation by Plamen Vecnosti is out for SSR!

The Cavitation by Plamen Vecnosti is out for SSR!
The Second coming of  Plamen Vecnosti (The Flame Of Eternity). The Cavitation is the process of creating hollow spaces, thus holes or caves, within the structure of a solid object. It can be applied both to physical and psychological entity. Not visible appereance of this process is the situation in which the forces of cavitation strives towards the interior, or inner. In this case, the possibility of sensing the presence of these forces is strongly connected with the innerness of the host. The movements that occurs in these circumstances are much more likely to be semi-inert in its nature, thus not dependent of the arsenal of the host. Also, in this process, it is not possible for the one to acknowledge any of the information that are needed to fuel up the weaponry of that which live on every-day frequency. The very reality of The Cavitation stays within the realm of an individual experience. This work, in all its layers and forms, represents that process.


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