Giant Gutter From Outer Space - The Edge Within EP released NOW!
After releasing last full length album "Black Bile" we now give you EP from duo Giant Gutter From Outer Space called "The Egde Within". "Without The Strings" and "Unbound" are born in a one night session, with little time to be composed, recorded and produced. But in the case of Giant Gutter From Outer Space, situations like this stimulate perfect results. In just three meetings and two hours of recording, the duo from Curitiba was able to produce another exciting part of the current experimental crooked rock. We love it! So check it out!


Giant Gutter From Outer Space

recorded and mixed in one session in the early hours of april 16th by julio couto at prime stúdio, brasília, brazil. 
mastered by luke lund at solace, finland. 
produced by giant gutter from outer space. 
music composed, arranged and performed by giant gutter from outer space. 
artwork by cesinha marin. 
Well after our summer vacation we give you this EP which will keep summer last longer! Key West was meant to sound very tropical, though that's not how it was born. Inspiration is derived from wind chimes and more random things to create the first two tracks. Then the rest of EP sounds quite tropical and finishes with a tropical theme. Escamentia expresses love of the ocean, and this EP is meant to take the four things he imagines about it and turn them into songs: On The Water was meant to capture the mystery of the ocean, Beach Houses was meant to capture the peacefulness, In Captain's Chair was meant to capture the amazement, and Tidal Walker was meant to capture the roughness (such as the crashing waves). We recommend to listen to this new EP! Sounds awesome!



SSR gives you // Exequias by Julian Hol!
SSR gives you an awesome album today! This album is brainchild of artist Julian Hol and it is called Exequias.  Exequias is a musical project of remixes of traditional songs of the Tenebrae Services; it is mainly performed in theremin, creating melancholy environments and funereal sounds. We are sure that you will enjoy this obscure experimental album which has a certain tone because Julian use of theremin is extraordinary and beautifully grim. Just the way we at SSR like. So don't hesitate, check this album out and support our newest artist Julian Hol!


Julian Hol

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