New release // ⁅sヨ - Lxs No Humanxs

Today we bring you new release on SSR! This is our new artist ⁅sヨ! ⁅sヨ is Simón Miguelo ... an existence trapped in infinite sound labyrinths ... in the eternal search for the Insect God since 2011. An angry and alienated adolescent wrapped in an almost middle-aged body in decay, that vomits noise to a darker, cruel and perverse world every day.  Lxs No Humanxs is his choice to release here on SSR and we are so excited to bring this album to you. A perpetual crossroads of Harsh Noise and Hardcore. The primitive sounds of the Universe were not part of a beautiful melody, they were harsh, infinite, natural, raw, honest, innocent noises, like the cry of a newborn ... 
returning to them is rediscovering / recalling part of our cosmic nature, that we forget and, in its forgetfulness, we fall into this "human life", superficial and fictitious ... the challenge is not to fear those millenarian sages who still travel through the cosmos and who, if "we listen", resonate in our atoms. The sounds I seek, I try to be a challenge, like climbing a mountain ... a test for the spirit of the listener ... and that evoke a primitive and wild expression of our specie. Noise like a desperate cry from our mother GAIA and her innocent children.
Dont hesitate and check this album  Lxs No Humanxs!



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