Francesco Terrini - Double Diamond Sun Body

We continue with our pactice to release exciting new albums! SSR brings you Francesco Terrini for the first time with his album called "Double Diamond Sun Body". This album is great mix of experimental / ambient and noise genres, always changing and making listening to it a special journey through emotions and moods. Francesco Terrini is the solo experimental music moniker of Chester Masangya from Metro Manila, Philippines. He is also associated with industrial/power-electronics acts Coalminer and Recovery Center. Francesco Terrini spawned October 2019 and released its first three materials called Septic Perfume, Corroding Heaven, and Collapse World Animal. Since then, he collaborated and made splits with several noise artists and released several full-length materials digitally, and on cassette and cd. Do not wait and check out this awesome first time release from Francesco Terrini. You can get it now!

Official description of the album: "Double Diamond Sun Body is the Krystal Star matrix from the Seven Higher Heavens, the next Universe. Mother and Father have returned their Diamond Sun Oraphim to this Universe, through their Heavenly House, with the return of the liquid Christos light upon this Earth."


Francesco Terrini bandcamp:

Nøkturne - Memories from the Past

SSR crew is happy to release new album by Nøkturne! This release is called "Memories from the Past" and we love it! Nøkturne has done a great job making this very dark and ambient piece. Be assured that this is one on SSR best ambient releases in past years. Nøkturne is ambient, dark ambient and noise project from Argentina and main man behind is Juan Ruiz. He started  Nøkturne in 2018. He made some music then but havent released anything until the end of 2019. All his music is based upon nature, loneliness, sadness and family. 

"The album was called "Memories from the Past" due to certain moments that have passed through my life. This album is only dedicated to the memory of my father, who passed away a month ago." - says Juan. 

And we from SSR are recommending this amazing dark ambient piece, so check out the link below, get it for free and enjoy "Memories from the Past" now!


Малък Ручей - Ручей Малък

We are happy to introduce you new project on our label called "Малък Ручей"! They are from Bulgaria, and debuting on SSR with their album called "Ручей Малък". This experimental band exists from 2017, and presents the spill of digital Bulgarian adolescence. Through a set of transgressive methods, the project deforms the inheritance of the national with an ironic smile to find soil for itself.

Another awesome release is coming your way! New split album between Interzona (industrial \ harsh) from Brazil and LDQ Ysimaro (live electronics) from Greece. Split cointains two epic compositions which are long with very interesting theme of afterlife and post life journey.

We are excited to release this new two track for  Dichotomy Engine.  It was intended to be a split, but somehow it ended to be a self split two track album or EP. Anyway check this interesting lofi experimental noise drone release by Dichotomy Engine. Its not so easy to listen but we are sure that harsh noise lovers will dig it.
Interzona - Estranho Inseto

We bring you new Interzona release "Estranho Inseto". If you have not heard about Interzona or listened any of albums released previously on SSR, we must say that this is noise (harsh, drone, ambient) project created by Jean Souza. Jean made sound explorations and experimentations provided by the sounds of Suzana´s Bauten, throughout tireless recording sessions, and that somehow, it is a solid ideological corruption of the basic concepts used to make noise. As all the other previous releases by Interzona, this one is also based on harsh noise, power electronics and experimental music. Interesting theme of "Estranho Inseto" can make you curious but the tracks will crush your ears and will to live! Check it now!


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Nick Wander - Too Far from Ground - Too Far from Sky

SSR is proud to present you our new artist - Nick Vander and his album Too Far from Ground - Too Far from Sky. This 4 track album is very nice introduction to his work and his mixture of experimental / electronic / drone music... Nick Vander's main focus is to build a narrative drive that aims to influence the deconstruction of the imaginaries associated with music. His music aims to explore the classic boundaries of improvisation, the non-existent free jazz conception of freedom, the fusion of ethnic elements in the subconscious of tradition, and the last avant garde generation. Reaching the today most disruptive paths from where it takes a starting point to create immediate and alive music. We are sure you will enjoy this release! Check it out and download below!


Nick Vander
Nick Vander

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Dichotomy Engine & Interzona

Hello there from SSR! Today we are releasing this two way split between Interzona and Dichotomy Engine. The credits for this cover art go to mastermind of Interzona Jean Souza, as you may know from our past release Interzona is project created by Jean Souza, after the discovery of previous explorations provided by the sounds of Suzana´s Bauten (band of which he is a founding member) throughout tireless recording sessions, and that somehow, as he himself affirms, it is a solid ideological corruption of the basic concepts used to make noise. Also Dichotomy Engine is know for our past releases led by Drazen Djordjevic DE creates music which has variously been described as dronegaze or noisegaze. Combining the atmospheric textures and elements of experimental and drone music often with the heaviness and volume of metal and noise music.
So this split is a mix of atmospheric droning noise, and does it really well. Interzona gives that heavy harsh sound and Dichotomy Engine flies with reverbs and distortions. Awesome split album, and check it out here!


SSR is specially proud to bring you this awesome band with even better album! Yes black particles first album called Wave Function Collapse is released on SSR and we are glad for this collaboration with these guys from Budapest. Well, Wave Function Collapse is five track album full of nuance and energy. Band is giving you 110% percent of their skills, creativity and talent in their first effort. This is an awesome ride and believe us, you will enjoy it. This mix of post metal, post rock, doom some noise and drone elements too will keep you listening until the end. So dont hesitate and check this awesome release! Download it now!
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Here is how black particles introduce you to their new album:
"Although an infinite number of possible futures are available every second, the conscious or unconscious choices we make destroy all but one. This is an always-present, repeating basis of human existence showing its innately destructive nature."

Tracks on album:
1. Solace I. [Disintegration]
2. Solace II. [Pasts]
3. Regrets
4. Quit | Relapse
5. In aether


black particles band
black particles

black particles logo
black particles logo

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SSR Radio - podcast show

SSR Radio is our effort to spread music from our artists even better and further. This will be show in two formats, first format will be a show which will premiere as Facebook video Premiere on SSR Facebook page, and second format will be uploaded as audio on Mixcloud SSR page.
We think SSR has so many great releases and it is awesome time to share all those great tracks with you in podcast show like this!

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