Splitting Sounds Records - About us

Splitting Sounds Records is small independent record net-label releasing underground electronic, experimental, ambient, drone, shoegaze, noise and other unusual music to the public. Our goal is to promote interesting underground projects/artists in DIY manner. Our formats are on MP3 files (protected with Creative Commons License and available for free download).

Important - All our downloads are free. We dont sell albums, cause we are non profit label. Every album on our bandcamp page has a mirror link in description, just in case our quota for free downloads on bandcamp is full. Any donated money from downloaded albums will be used for improving our label and promoting our artists.

Maybe you'll not like what Splitting Sounds Records produces. We're not for everyone.
We can guarantee one thing: What you hear is music brought to you by people who care more about it than about becoming rich.


Creative Commons by-nc-nd 3.0

Splitting Sounds Records net-label releases are "copyrighted" under Creative Commons licenses. While still reserving our sole right to profit from our creative works, it nevertheless opens up more privilege for fans to file-share our releases without fear of litigation. All we ask is that you not profit, and that you give proper artist attribution for Splitting Sounds Records works you share.