New band on SSR - 911 Bombs

New band on SSR - 911 Bombs911 Bombs is a band formed in Philadelphia,PA by a couple of friends who occasionally get drunk and make noise. It all began in 2011 when Seth bought a used Mirage sampler and began sampling various objects and stuff from tv with his friend Rob, who made crunching bass sound. After messing around for a year, duo had their first gig and almost got in a fight with audience and the gig lasted 5 minutes.
After the gig they met their fan Ed and quickly became friends due to their shared love of DIY, tapes, beer and obscure 80's industrial records. Soon after some time he became the band's vocalist and later convinced his brother, Adam to join in and play the guitar.
In 2014, they finally recorded their first release also titled 911 Bombs that they describe as "a tank driving trough a factory". 
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