Dave Migman and Spleen Erebus - Organ Seer

Dave Migman and Spleen Erebus - Organ Seer
Now is the right time to publish this extraordinary collaboration album between Dave Migman and Spleen Erebus. These two artists already worked together and made some great ambient music. We are thrilled to release this new awesome dark ambient album called "Organ Seer" on our SSR label. Spleen Erebus is main man behind the music, all those haunting sound scapes and ambient melodies, effects are his work of art. Dave Migman fills the music with dark lyrics, his spoken word perfectly fits the atmosphere of the songs on "Organ Seer". Every song is illustrated by Dave Migman's art which you can see with lyrics in the PDF booklet included in this album download. This one is worth listening, check it out!


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