New artist on SSR - i am a freak

i am a freak on Splitting Sounds Records
This tapestry of somber, morbid, happy, cadaverous, sensual, intellectual, fluttering, mystic, bizarre, haunting & hurting musick and sounds enriches the space you're in; it is musick to be enjoyed, without song to distract you from the musick. It stands out among the droves of post-post modern pseudo ambient, electronic and experimental artists, musicians and composers, simply because of its skills, humor, and eclectic composing. This is a sound-fest! From 1940's Pygmys to Apollo 11 astronauts, contemporary Japanese suicides and American homicides, Edgar Allen Poe and Marcel Duchamp, Pepsi & Sinterklaas-Santa Claus, i am a freak celebrates the mundane and the outrageous alike as only a freak can.
Check out i am a freak website:
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