Deadlights's astonishing new EP is OUT on SSR!
Keith is back and with a great honor we are releasing his EP "Afternoons at The Savoy"! Album is based on a story (goes with the EP download) that is simply awesome. This goes beyond usual Deadlights fare, but the diversity of the sounds is astounding. There is nothing to impede them from impacting every sense you own.
One of the best releases this year, that's for sure!


Atmosphery is a contemporary music collective composed by young musicians coming from different backgrounds. The musical universe proposed by Atmosphery is broadband, going from electronic and contemporary jazz to acousmatic, experimental and improvised music, always inspired by wide spaces. Album "Times" is defined by splendid cinematic, ethereal ambient with a great touch of melancholy. Perfect for the late night listening!
Go for a download and give support!


Morn Ep
Morn is one of Domagoj Zunic's projects, he also plays bass in crust grind band Seppuku, sludge experimental bend Hesperian Death Horse, and was a part of many projects in Croatian underground scene ( Portraite , Tomorrow we hunt, Nietzsche killed him). Morn can be described with genres like dark ambient, drone, experimental , noise.. And this EP gives you two tracks both centered around death as a main theme. Cover is also really nice illustrating these two tracks. Prepare yourselves for 28 minutes of dark drones and experimental noises. Lovely.


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