New release on SSR by Fahad Baseer - "Desiderata"

Fahad Baseer - Desiderata
The art happens between input and output. "The work is a sonic manifestation of my subconscious.  Through improvisation, I expose the true nature of my mind.  There are no barriers between myself and the plane.  The music seeks to reveal.  It seeks to portray an uninterrupted thought process.  Although it is a heavy abstraction of classical forms, theory is often used as a tool for conveying my emotional states.  Between layers of texture there are notes and rhythms, but I try my best at not making them obvious in order to avoid rigidity.  I want the listener to imagine kinetic sculptures rather than imagine an evenly divided grid.   The indeterminate aspects can be thought of as the revelation of a separate consciousness, and my own consciousness can be sought out by paying close attention to the sudden changes in mood.  I’ve always wondered what it was that induced those changes, and recently I was told by a poet that my music implied a certain amount of nervousness, so perhaps the music is nothing more than a sonification of my nervousness." - Fahad Baseer


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