New album Traumwelt - Lethologica!

New album  Traumwelt - Lethologica!
We at SSR are pleased to bring you new Traumwelt album Lethologica. Kythirius created Traumwelt in 2012. because he wanted the world to feel that longing to step back into that dream existence. Lethologica comes from Greek, and it roughly translates to “loss of speech”. The inspiration behind this album was just that, unintelligible to the conscious mind.
Accordingly, these experimental recordings center on the subconscious, and thrive on spontaneity. Flowing, mercurial soundscapes tell a story of love and devotion, but without the need for speech, or even sentient thought. The album aims to transcend these externalities and communicate directly to the spirit. Here is your link for it!


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