SSR has a new release / Fauna - The Lifetime Wasted in the Derby

Fauna - The Lifetime Wasted in the Derby
We proudly present you our new release! 'The Lifetime Wasted in the Derby' is the first album released under the moniker of Fauna. Gareth Watkin has previously released ambient music under the name 'The Light & Day', offering a much more improvisational strain of ambient music. Under the name 'Fauna', the ambient music is much more controlled and drone-based, sounding a little less chaotic. The debut album is one surrounding themes of loneliness and isolation, constant worries about the future and the past, but ultimately finding some glimmer of hope amongst the mess.
All music on 'The Lifetime Wasted in the Derby' has been performed on acoustic guitar, and then edited and treated using effects to create ambient music. The philosophy behind a lot of what is done is attempting to create something a little complicated without over-doing everything. That is why you have to check out this awesome album!


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