Fauna - The Lifetime Wasted in the Derby
We proudly present you our new release! 'The Lifetime Wasted in the Derby' is the first album released under the moniker of Fauna. Gareth Watkin has previously released ambient music under the name 'The Light & Day', offering a much more improvisational strain of ambient music. Under the name 'Fauna', the ambient music is much more controlled and drone-based, sounding a little less chaotic. The debut album is one surrounding themes of loneliness and isolation, constant worries about the future and the past, but ultimately finding some glimmer of hope amongst the mess.
Exoplanet Numbers Station
SSR is releasing this new self titled album by our new artist Exoplanet Numbers Station. This album is made by Nikas F and he did all the producing / composing music for Exoplanet Numbers Station.  Album represents visions of a void, feeling of space and can be ambient and noisy as you listen further. It gives you a feeling like you are floating through space in a vessel destined for distant galaxies searching for new planet far away and through this journey it passes by many interesting space objects. Will it get to its final destionation? Check this experimental ambient album!


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