SSR re-releases Dichotomy Engine - Mass Desolation EP!
We are re-releasing  EP called Mass Desolation by Dichotomy Engine. This serbian project has been releasing albums for just many years at this point in various styles. The mixture of shoegazing textures with heavy and plodding guitars is an idea that at times calls back to artists like Jesu and The Angelic Process. More atmospheric and shoegaze sound on closer Barren Fields to stick out among the three tracks the most with a much clearer sense of identity. This element really is the project's strongest trait. Check it out !


SSR brings you Saito Koji - 1603 album!
This time we are so excited to give you an album called 1603 coming from Japan made by Saito Koji. Saito is a musician currently living in Fukushima city. He played in several bands, then went solo in 2003 after being influenced by Otomo Yoshihide’s live performances, Derek Bailey’s CDs, and Kaoru Abe’s videos. Saito is engaged in the pursuit of an original kind of minimalism / improvisation. Which he shows in a wide array on this album. Saitos music is experimental, minimal  and improvised in a such profound way. This album consists of 6 track (all tracks are 4:33min long ! ) there are no any conceptual names just numbers for the tracks names. If you like experimental music, minimal made just with guitar and effects pedals this is a release for you, dont hesitate Saito has brought some unique music on the table. Check it out!


Saito Koji

Giant Gutter From Outer Space - stumm EP is out!
We give you "stumm" EP, our newest release and second for band - Giant Gutter From Outer Space. This EP consists of two tracks Sturm and Ruinen and are great exhibition of how band make their music. GGFOS exists from 2014 making heavy, rough, experimental and, as far as possible, unrestrained music. Bass player by talent, Hernan Borges de Oliveira has his projects, alongside the profession of accountant, pivoted on extreme music. Johnny R. Rosa, drummer, parallel to the métier of historian and to the particular attention given to avant-garde, free improvisational music, is also accomplice of projects that concern rough music. Check this EP out now!!!


Giant Gutter From Outer Space

recorded, mixed and mastered at family mob studio, são paulo, brazil.
produced by jean dolabella.
executive production: converse rubber tracks.
all music composed, arranged and performed by giant gutter from outer space.
poem (“stumm”) by kurt schwitters.
artwork by cesinha marin.

by kurt schwitters 

ein wurm hängt am angelhaken.
ein fisch beißt den wurm.
der fisch beißt auch den angelhaken.
die angel zieht den fisch.
nun hängt der fisch an der angel.
die angel zieht ihn in die luft.
der fisch stirbt in der luft.
die angel stirbt den fisch.
ein neuer wurm hängt am angelhaken.
ein neuer fisch beißt den neuen wurm.
und neues leben blüht aus den ruinen. 
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