SSR brings you Saito Koji - 1603 album!

SSR brings you Saito Koji - 1603 album!
This time we are so excited to give you an album called 1603 coming from Japan made by Saito Koji. Saito is a musician currently living in Fukushima city. He played in several bands, then went solo in 2003 after being influenced by Otomo Yoshihide’s live performances, Derek Bailey’s CDs, and Kaoru Abe’s videos. Saito is engaged in the pursuit of an original kind of minimalism / improvisation. Which he shows in a wide array on this album. Saitos music is experimental, minimal  and improvised in a such profound way. This album consists of 6 track (all tracks are 4:33min long ! ) there are no any conceptual names just numbers for the tracks names. If you like experimental music, minimal made just with guitar and effects pedals this is a release for you, dont hesitate Saito has brought some unique music on the table. Check it out!


Saito Koji

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