Giant Gutter From Outer Space - Black Bile is out!

SSR is proud to give you new Giant Gutter From Outer Space release. Giant Gutter's third release in 2016 brings approximately 40 minutes of music austerely performed as a bass-and-drums duo. GGFO is duo consisted of two independent musicians and long-standing friends driven to the execution of heavy, rough, experimental and, as far as possible, unrestrained music. Download Black Bile and blast your ears. The recordings took place at Estúdio Clínica in Curitiba, Brazil, and the album was produced by Murillo da Rós. Cesinha Marin, photographer and designer, was responsible for the artwork.


Giant Gutter From Outer Space

recorded and mastered by murillo da rós at clínica pro music, curitiba, brazil.
mixed by murillo da rós and giant gutter from outer space.
produced by vice fiori at mammoth green studio.
all music composed, performed and produced by giant gutter from outer space.
design and artwork by cesinha marin.    

"in the east the sky is clearing as fast as a memory. at dawn it leans all red on the shimmering horizon. like the morning beggar trudges up the back steps to the church, the sun rises to give birth to shade, so that earth and sky, man and animal emerge from the disturbing and confused unity in which they became inextricably intertwined. satantango". béla tárr
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