Chainsaw Rainbow - Art brut is released today!

Chainsaw Rainbow - Art brut is released today!We are so excited to give you this awesome release called Art brut by Chainsaw Rainbow. Main man behind Chainsaw Rainbow is Dominic Massaro. He is an individual that truly embraces the concept of being a “renaissance man.” The guitar's echo and gnarled sound-waves provide the main pulsing beats to the music, it's easy to hear the music as something larger than a single player's output, as long as you're in the right mood for the chord collisions. It's a set of songs that call for your ears to give up their usual expectations and go with the fuzzy flow. Fans of heavy psych and extended riffage would do well to check into Chainsaw Rainbow with this release.


Dominic Massaro - Chainsaw Rainbow
Dominic Massaro is  Los Angeles-based artist is an accomplished guitarist, bassist and  producer, that has been at the helm of a number of successful indie experimental projects such as MOTORDRONE; GRAFITTI 61; JETDOG and the current musical vehicle CHAINSAW RAINBOW. The prolific MASSARO has released five albums of psychedelic-based drone/ambient/shoegaze including “PINK HAZE,” “747,” “POLAROID,” “ PHOTO-REALISTIC” and ART BRUT.

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