Check out new Semper Aeternus album on SSR!

Semper Aeternus album on SSR!

This month we are proud to release this awesome album by Semper Aeternus. This is the first time we cooperate with Semper Aeternus, and main man behind this project is Nicolas Sanchez from Argentina. Siince 15 years old played with many argentinian progressive rock bands like Moriquendi or stoner psichedelyc bands like Hombre Valvular. And in paralel was recording few demos... Recently had recorded and explored differents areas of sound and had performed in conceptual visual ambient jams called SEMPER SESSIONS. Actually release the "SEMPER AETERNUS" homonimus album, trying to resume all of this eternal search of sounds. This album is mix between electric and acoustic instruments, it has melodic influences and electronic keyboards and beats mixed shapes and ambient sounds, some nicely used samples which skilfully blend into particular songs. Check it out!


Nicolas Sanchez

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