We are back with new Dichotomy Engine album called Sound of Deception!

Dichotomy Engine - Sound of Deception
Dichotomy Engine - Sound of Deception
We are back again with new Dichotomy Engine release. It has been a while since Drazen released something and this is a new approach to his experimental drone sound. This time Dichotomy Engine takes this album onto darker and noisier path. It is evident sound has more raw and live feeling, but somehow
the theme of Deception and all the songs are nicely telling this dark story about path to being deceptive. Also the cover shows same dark and deceptive nature. Cover art is dark and inverted, with grainy touch, showing Drazen up close while performing live. Very interesting release, please give it a chance and check it out. If you are into dark noise and brooding drones, this is experimental album for you!


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