We are excited to announce - SSR Radio - podcast show

SSR Radio - podcast show

SSR Radio is our effort to spread music from our artists even better and further. This will be show in two formats, first format will be a show which will premiere as Facebook video Premiere on SSR Facebook page, and second format will be uploaded as audio on Mixcloud SSR page.
We think SSR has so many great releases and it is awesome time to share all those great tracks with you in podcast show like this!

 If embeded video above wont work you can also watch whole show on this link - https://www.facebook.com/splittingsoundsrecords/videos/568872877083441/

This is our first episode and we hope you will like it.
Also this episode is available on our Mixcloud page after Facebook video Premiere.

Support our artists! Check their pages and download / buy their music!

1. Postapocalyptic Discoteque - Third I
2. song for b - mother beth vs blondie
3. Mirage - Swagman Didgeridoo
4. lamb #10 - Harkan
5. Accelerant - Unearth Noise
6. Hellish Descent - Phantasm Nocturnes
7. The Magnificant Accord - Dave Migman
8. Respirator b- Mr. Murdoc
9. At the End of the Day - Howling Disaster
10. Traveling by Telephone - Steve Spinella
11. Forever yours. Empty - Japorn
12. When She Left by Benjamin Construct
13. At The Bottom of the Sea - Retro Grad
14. Peractio - Cartagine
15. Twilight Run (Piano) - Lozk
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