black particles - Wave Function Collapse is out!

SSR is specially proud to bring you this awesome band with even better album! Yes black particles first album called Wave Function Collapse is released on SSR and we are glad for this collaboration with these guys from Budapest. Well, Wave Function Collapse is five track album full of nuance and energy. Band is giving you 110% percent of their skills, creativity and talent in their first effort. This is an awesome ride and believe us, you will enjoy it. This mix of post metal, post rock, doom some noise and drone elements too will keep you listening until the end. So dont hesitate and check this awesome release! Download it now!
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Here is how black particles introduce you to their new album:
"Although an infinite number of possible futures are available every second, the conscious or unconscious choices we make destroy all but one. This is an always-present, repeating basis of human existence showing its innately destructive nature."

Tracks on album:
1. Solace I. [Disintegration]
2. Solace II. [Pasts]
3. Regrets
4. Quit | Relapse
5. In aether


black particles band
black particles

black particles logo
black particles logo

Also support the band by checking their links:
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