New release - Dichotomy Engine & Interzona!

Dichotomy Engine & Interzona

Hello there from SSR! Today we are releasing this two way split between Interzona and Dichotomy Engine. The credits for this cover art go to mastermind of Interzona Jean Souza, as you may know from our past release Interzona is project created by Jean Souza, after the discovery of previous explorations provided by the sounds of Suzana´s Bauten (band of which he is a founding member) throughout tireless recording sessions, and that somehow, as he himself affirms, it is a solid ideological corruption of the basic concepts used to make noise. Also Dichotomy Engine is know for our past releases led by Drazen Djordjevic DE creates music which has variously been described as dronegaze or noisegaze. Combining the atmospheric textures and elements of experimental and drone music often with the heaviness and volume of metal and noise music.
So this split is a mix of atmospheric droning noise, and does it really well. Interzona gives that heavy harsh sound and Dichotomy Engine flies with reverbs and distortions. Awesome split album, and check it out here!


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