Interzona_LDQ Ysimaro - Afterlife is out now!

Another awesome release is coming your way! New split album between Interzona (industrial \ harsh) from Brazil and LDQ Ysimaro (live electronics) from Greece. Split cointains two epic compositions which are long with very interesting theme of afterlife and post life journey. The album tries to describe the trans corporeal journey of death with a noise-ambient soundscape and drone passages with minimalist noise. Inspired by the Japanoise scene and the wave of an extreme experimental music, also beat-nick literature -, where Interzona got the name of the project that is the title of one of the chapters of the book ‘Naked Lunch’ by Wiliams Burroughs that describes decadent landscapes and situations and extreme reflections of the post industrial world -, the sound of Interzona is the existential condensation of this feeling strange abyssal of a second nature world where buildings, cars, asphalt and all kinds of machines replace nature, not as a dichotomous idealism asserting what is wrong or wrong in most of the pieces performed, but to describe what the word and adjectives achieve imprecisely. Check this amazing album!


Interzona - Spectral Voyage (No Return)
Instrument(s): software / Guitar Rig 5
Played by Interzona, Salvador - Bahia 2020

LDQ Ysimaro - The Silver Cord
Instrument(s): Synthesizer (Lyra 8)
Played by LDQ Ysimaro, in Vienna, Austria 2019

Mixed & Mastered by LDQ Ysimaro in Vienna, Austria 2020

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