SSR is proud to present you Малък Ручей - Ручей Малък!

Малък Ручей - Ручей Малък

We are happy to introduce you new project on our label called "Малък Ручей"! They are from Bulgaria, and debuting on SSR with their album called "Ручей Малък". This experimental band exists from 2017, and presents the spill of digital Bulgarian adolescence. Through a set of transgressive methods, the project deforms the inheritance of the national with an ironic smile to find soil for itself.
 As they say their project is dadaism – their music is a blow to the air, an excess of power, a lack of purpose. Also our impression is this creativity and expression this band gives you through the release. Take a chance and check this album out! You will be moved. Amazing cover art is made by Mild Kiriya.  


Малък Ручей

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