We are proud to bring you Mila Drone - Invisible Cloud!


Mila Drone - Invisible Cloud

SSR is very proud to bring you this excellent release from our new artist Mila Drone! "Invisible Cloud" album is in essence what we strive for when we are looking for new drone / ambient / experimental music. Mila is has done amazing job to create new stuff and we are sure you will enjoy this album. Mila is the ghost of a housewife from Warsaw, Poland, who has recently recorded several songs in the drone / gaze / minimal style. Mila likes smoking on the balcony, playing ghost songs and watching short YouTube videos like "5 Terrifying Waves Caught on Tape" or "10 Biggest Waves Ever Recorded". Arranges and records when children go to bed. She likes fuzzes, delays, phasers and other quirks. Sleepwalking. So dont hesitate and check out this new SSR release from Mila Drone!


Mila Drone
Mila Drone


Additional credits:

Artwork: Among Scratches
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