Check out new EP! El silencio de los angeles by Nøkturne!

Nøkturne - El silencio de los angeles

Today we have a new EP for you! Newest recording by our artist Nøkturne and EP is called "El silencio de los angeles". It contains 3 dark ambient melodic tracks that you will enjoy for sure. Truly emotional and dark tracks will fit your nightly cravings for ambient music. As the artist says: "Tracks on this EP have been recorded on a totally rainy day. They reflect a little my beliefs about some religious beings. I wanted to create a slightly soft and melancholic atmosphere, where I could feel calm listening to it and at the same time enjoy the melodies." So what are you waiting for? If you are dark ambient lover, check out our bandcamp page or click the link below and download your copy of this EP! 


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