SSR proudly presents Isolation by Suicidal Thoughts!


Suicidal Thoughts -  Isolation

We are really proud to give you this awesome dark ambient album! "Isolation" is great dark ambient release and we love it. Juan Ruiz has done some amazing tracks again, but this time as new project called "Suicidal Thoughts". If you follow SSR you may know project Nøkturne, which is also proud music project from Juan Ruiz from Argentina. But "Suicidal Thoughts" was born after he finished "Nøkturne", I now he is in the process of creating dark and melancholic atmospheres which this album shows in its best way. It maybe just 3 tracks here, but anyway, it is awesome dark and droning ambient piece which all the dark brooding ambient lovers will appreciate! Check it out, it is on SSR bandcamp now!


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