New release on SSR by Precognitive Retrogradation!


New year, new release! We wish you all the best in 2021. and with that also we bring you new release on SSR by Precognitive Retrogradation! Meaning of this project is ability to see into a retrograde future, or returning to a state of past) opposite of the present.. Our artist has started making experimental/noise/ambient/drone music in 2017 and this is our first release on SSR. This two track album is called "i dedicate this rehearsal to america" and is full of feelings towards America, feel of  collapse that is coming. Nightmare of civilization, and all the sense or meaning dissolving and destructive. Album is made from loud chaos and more cathartic, then it morphs into abstract fears. And becomes a bit painful. Sound is inverted, lofi, raw, and deep. Album is dedicated to America as a global illusion, for all our people. Check it out, listen and enjoy! 


Precognitive Retrogradation
 Precognitive Retrogradation


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