Nøkturne - Memories from the Past is our newest release!

Nøkturne - Memories from the Past

SSR crew is happy to release new album by Nøkturne! This release is called "Memories from the Past" and we love it! Nøkturne has done a great job making this very dark and ambient piece. Be assured that this is one on SSR best ambient releases in past years. Nøkturne is ambient, dark ambient and noise project from Argentina and main man behind is Juan Ruiz. He started  Nøkturne in 2018. He made some music then but havent released anything until the end of 2019. All his music is based upon nature, loneliness, sadness and family. 

"The album was called "Memories from the Past" due to certain moments that have passed through my life. This album is only dedicated to the memory of my father, who passed away a month ago." - says Juan. 

And we from SSR are recommending this amazing dark ambient piece, so check out the link below, get it for free and enjoy "Memories from the Past" now!


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