NEW SSR RELEASE // Francesco Terrini - Double Diamond Sun Body!

Francesco Terrini - Double Diamond Sun Body

We continue with our pactice to release exciting new albums! SSR brings you Francesco Terrini for the first time with his album called "Double Diamond Sun Body". This album is great mix of experimental / ambient and noise genres, always changing and making listening to it a special journey through emotions and moods. Francesco Terrini is the solo experimental music moniker of Chester Masangya from Metro Manila, Philippines. He is also associated with industrial/power-electronics acts Coalminer and Recovery Center. Francesco Terrini spawned October 2019 and released its first three materials called Septic Perfume, Corroding Heaven, and Collapse World Animal. Since then, he collaborated and made splits with several noise artists and released several full-length materials digitally, and on cassette and cd. Do not wait and check out this awesome first time release from Francesco Terrini. You can get it now!

Official description of the album: "Double Diamond Sun Body is the Krystal Star matrix from the Seven Higher Heavens, the next Universe. Mother and Father have returned their Diamond Sun Oraphim to this Universe, through their Heavenly House, with the return of the liquid Christos light upon this Earth."


Francesco Terrini bandcamp:

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